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Current events lesson plans:


Topic-based lessons: Business English; Environment; Health; Lifestyle;

Famous People and Gossip; Technology; World News

Видео уроки для Вас и Ваших учеников!

Best teachers of English deliver video lessons for you & your students:

  • LearnEnglish is a portal that links to all of our websites for teachers and learners of English

On this site you can find a wide range of resources that you can download and use for your own benefit

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Teachers of middle and high schools can get good support on this site

Sreaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary: worksheets and exersises

English Vocabulary and Grammar Portal:

  • Interactive exerceses
  • Exercises to Print
  • Tests online

Article about modern approach to teaching language Exercises, Web-based Materials, Workshops and links for Teaching and Learning, WebQuests.

English Conversation Questions

* There are currently 651 discussion topics to choose from.
* Use for ESL lessons, speaking practice, debate clubs, lesson add-ons, and more.
* Students can form discussion groups for independent speaking practice.
* The speaking activities are on everyday themes and more controversial issues.

* Each conversation lesson has ready-to-print Word and PDF downloads.


Invaluable materials for teachers on English-Zone.Com


Here you will find hundreds of exercises to learn English online: vocabulary, grammar, listening, songs, etc

Thousands of free printable worksheets: great lesson plans, grammar and vocabulary worksheets, amazing handouts made by ESL/EFL teachers for your every lesson!