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Video lessons on conversation skills:

Как правильно извиняться по английски.

You can download:

  • podcast (MP3)
  • script (pdf)
  • activity (pdf)

Discussions that work!

You will learn useful expressions to help you:
- make suggestions

- make a point
- disagree with people
- express uncertainty
- take offence

International Skipe club! Let's speak fluently!

Бесплатное общение на английском по Skipe.


ChatRoulette for teenagers gives you a chance to practise you English online!


 Standard expressions:

Before you start speaking

  • Try to plan what you want to say. Make sure you know the most important words or technical terms that you'll need.
  • Practise standard expressions. For example, "Pleased to meet you", or "How are you?" Getting these expressions right makes you feel more confident to continue the conversation.
  • As well as concentrating on what you want to say, also concentrate on listening to the other person. Give your full attention, and make sure you understand by using clarifying expressions such as "Sorry, do you mean…" or "I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Can you repeat that please?" Don't forget: being a good speaker also means being a good listener. People will want to have conversations with you if they know you're interested in what they say!

Do you want to start speaking English easily?




These phrases will help you in different situations: real life English



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